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Hollow core wall panel production line

1. Horizontal mold car could produce 3 kinds of finished panel, could meet different market demand.So this is multi-functional mould car. 2. Operation:  the horizontal mold car easy for operation and the worker is more safety.

Main Parameters

  • Production Capacity


  • Plant Area

    1000~1200sqm ( For the mixer platform: Height not less than 9m, others parts can be shorter)

  • Configuration

    High Automatic

  • Famous Brand Used

    German Rittal , SIEMENS , Schneider

  • Finished Products

    Sandwich wall panel , solid wall panel , hollow core wall panel

  • Board Application

    Industrial and civil non-load-bearing internal external wall , kitchen and bathroom partition , integrated housing , high-end villa , assembly building supporting wall board

  • Wall panel advantage

    1. Lightweight: The lighter material of the wall panel is only weighs 25% to 40% of the  weight of the traditional bricks. The amplitude reduces the longitudinal load of the building structure, reduces the building's own weight, and reduces the construction cost. 2. Installation faster : wall panel Install faster 4 Times than the regular blocks So save much labor cost. 3. Impermeability: The water absorption rate of lightweight composite wallboard is only 3.3%, which has reached the international advanced level in the same industry. 4. Fire proof performance & High thermal insulation: The fireproof capacity of the 90mm thick wall panel can reach more than 3 hours. 5. Sound insulation function: Because the lightweight composite wall board is made of polystyrene as the sandwich material, it has good sound insulation effect, and the hollow sound insulation is more than 40 decibels, reaching the national industry standard. 6. Save installation cost : Wall panel does not need the expenses of the work of the plaster on the surface.


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The Main Advantage Of The Production Line Equipment

Popular Product Specifications

Specification 75 series 90 series 120 series 150 series 200 series 90 haycite series 120 haycite series
Thickness (mm) 75 90 120 150 200 90 120
Length (mm) 2400~3000 2400~3000 2400~3000 2400~3000 2400~3000 2400~3000 2400~3000
Width (mm) 610 610 610 610 610 610 610
Density(kg/m³) 55±5 60±5 72±5 88±5 88±5 85±5 100±5
Fire endurance(h) 2h 3h 4h 4h 4h 4h 4h

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