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[Celebration] Congratulations on the smooth production of Cambodian lightweight wallboard production line

07, 2019


Xiahua is splendid, facing a summer breeze. In Jinyang, with the flying butterflies, with the shadows cast by the clouds, the flowers are blooming and colorful, with the fragrance of the monks, the seasons are elegant. romantic. The wallboard production line under the sun, the color of the summer is set, and a set of mold cars are neatly arranged, waiting for the review of the new owner.

EPS lightweight concrete wall panel machine

Minimal but not simplify Perhaps you think that the lightweight wallboard production line needs to be in a well-equipped, spacious and bright factory to produce beautiful products, because in the early stage, you don't want to invest too much, your heart is extremely entangled, and you even want to give up the good project of hard work, but it is not. Take a pergola, don't let it rain, check it regularly, maintain it according to the operating rules, it will create unexpected value for you! Oyade solid wall panel production line is developed and manufactured for overseas customers. It does not require calcium silicate board as a panel. It can also produce high-quality wallboard with high strength, light weight, fireproof and waterproof. It adopts vertical mold production to save space, large single machine output and small overall investment. If you purchase calcium silicate board in your area is inconvenient, or feel that the cost of panel light wallboard production is too high, the market acceptance is small, solid wallboard will be a good choice.


Depending on the length of the wallboard you choose to produce, we will design a semi-automatic or fully automatic mold car for you, ensuring that every penny you invest is the most cost-effective, the most appropriate rate of return, your satisfaction is our pursuit.


If you need to consult a lightweight wallboard production line, Oyade is always there! We are serious in making wallboard production lines; we provide you with a full range of supporting services, we are professional. Welcome friends from all walks of life to come to  Oyade machinery inspection and guidance!

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