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MGO board production line

The production line is used to produce magnesium oxide board (fireproof board) for building materials, and now automation level is the highest in China. MgO board equipment adopts double drive double-roll extrusion process. The whole production process is as following: 1.Dosing     2.forming     3.Curing     4.Cutting & Sanding     5.Packaging & storage The production line is high automation, stable operation, specifications can be adjusted as you like. Product surface is smooth and flat, high compactness, truly realized the industrialization of the new decoration panel production line. Its finished product MgO board is the best alternative for those traditional products like Gypsum board, fiber cement board, Calcium silicate board, etc. Now the MgO board market share is increasing by 15% year by year. Mgo board is the totally environmental friendly product, could meet the whole trend around the world.