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Manufacturing Capacity

    Our general engineer has over 20 years' experience in mechanical industry, proficient in the newest machinery design/manufacturing. Other main engineers all have over 10 years' experience.


    In addition, the strict quality control system is distributed throughout the entire production line, and every part of the machine is strictly controlled. Each product must be tested in accordance with European standards 24 times before being placed on the market. After all passed, a 72-hour quality reliability test by QCS is also required. Therefore, the OYADE machines we produce have obtained CE and FDA certification. The entire production process is in strict accordance with the international standards of ISO9001, to ensure the performance and quality of each equipment.


    we has a wide production base, including professional processing workshops, welding workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop, inspection workshop. The quality of the production workshop is related to the cost and the quality of the company. Therefore, we are skilled in operating every production process in strict accordance with the production process of the machine. Improve production efficiency as much as possible while ensuring quality. In terms of workshop safety: We will regularly check whether there are safety hazards in the workshop, such as fire, electricity, warning signs, glove masks, etc. In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection: we strictly control the discharge, recycling and reuse of waste in the production process. In terms of the working environment of workers: we aim to improve the comfort of workers, including light, water, smell, etc.